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Sequence Creation Software "Wavy"
"Wavy" is sequence creation software that supports the power supplies and electronic loads from KIKUSUI Electronics Corp. You can use "Wavy" to create and edit sequences easily with a mouse. During sequence execution, you can also display execution points for visualization to monitor voltage, current, and other parameters and save them as a file. [More information... ]
Wavy Tryouts provided her have time limit in the software, and these tryouts will not run after December 31st, 2009. The new version usable from January 1st, 2010 is expected to be available at this site in Middle of January. We are sorry for this inconvenience and would ask for your kind understanding.

Last update 2015/3/2
Wavy Version of Windows
8(x86/x64) 7(x86/x64) Vista *1*2
*1: 32bit only
*2: For Wavy for PMX, Vista not supported
Notes There are the following limitations in the tryouts.
*The period that can be used has been 3 weeks since the installation.

About the USB-RS232C converter
When the Wavy is controlled with USB-RS232C converter, the model REX-USB60 (RATOC Systems,Inc.) is recommended to use. Normal operation is not guaranteed for other products. We appreciate your understanding.
Product name Ver. Tryout (Manual included) Manual / Setup Guide
Wavy for PMX
6.0 Go to Wavy for PMX Free Edition
Wavy for PWX
6.0 download (16,841kB) Manual (2,503kB)
Setup Guide (1223kB)
Wavy for PBZ 6.3 download (9,6646kB) Manual (3,628kB)
Setup Guide (291kB)
Wavy for PCZ1000A 6.0 download (7,687kB) Manual (2.8MB)
Wavy for PCR-LE
5.5 download (24,192kB) Manual (8,310kB)
Setup Guide (864kB)
Wavy for PAT-T 5.2 download (5,860kB) Manual (703kB)
Wavy for PAS&PWR 5.0 download (5,785kB) Manual (914kB)
Wavy for PCR-M 5.1 download (22,696kB) Manual (1,147kB)
Wavy for PLZ4W(L/H)
5.3 download (5,648kB) Manual (904kB)
Wavy for PLZ-U
3.2 download (6,841kB) Manual (680kB)