FCTester (Fuel Cell Tester)

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Application (Aplication Software for KFM2150)

FCTester is an application software used to retrieve measured data from the KFM2150 FC Impedance Meter.
Integrating the FCTester in the KFM2150 impedance measurement system allows additional measurements to be made such as Cole-Cole plot measurements and I-V characteristics measurements. This feature streamlines the fuel cell evaluation tests.
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File size 137.4MB
Ver. 1.12
Last update 2010/2/4
Configuration Win 10(x86/x64)
Notes If FCTester Ver1.11 or earlier is installed on your PC, uninstall it before installing FCTester Ver1.12.
Installation Guide
File name FCTESTER_WIN10_E1.pdf
File size 993kB
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