PCR-LE series

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Firmware Updater

This software is to update the firmware version of the PCR-LE Series.

File name pcrle.bin
File size 8.3MB
Ver. 5.07 [Release Note]
Last update 2020/11/4
Configuration Applied Products : PCR-LE Series -- All models (*PCR-LE2 excluded)
Applied Firmware Version : ver2.00 or later
Caution: This update file can not used on firmware ver1.99 or earlier. PCR-LE series with firmware ver 1.99 or earlier requires hardware alteration. Contact your kikusui agent or distributor for details.
  • Confirm the firmware version of the PCR-LE.
    *You can confirm the firmware version by the CONFIG (SHIFT + OPR MODE) > MODEL ID (F5).
  • If any data is stored in the internal memory, save the data to the USB memory before updating the firmware version.
  • The USB memory (up to 16GB) that recognizes the PCR-LE is required for the firmware update
    *To confirm the applicable USB memory : Insert the USB memory to the USB port of the PCR-LE, then check for the display. If the "USB Memory Found" shows on the display, the USB memory can be used for the firmware update. If the USB can not be recognized by the PCR-LE, nothing will be displayed.
  • In a PCR-LE system that uses options such as the three-phase output driver, the firmware of all the PCR-LE units that make up the system must be the same.
  • In case of failure for the installation of firmware version update, please contact your local distributor.

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