PCR-WE/WE2 series

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Firmware Updater

This software is to update the firmware version of the PCR-WE/WE2 Series.

File name
File size 4.4MB
Ver. 1.42 [Release Note]
Last update 2021/3/10
Configuration Applicable products: PCR-WE/PCR-WE2 series
Updating is not possible on a parallel operation system. Switch to standalone operation first. Set the rotary switches for the address and the number of slave units on the master unit and all slave units to zero, and then start the update.
Notes Update method

Save the update files (Update.img, CHECKSUM.md5) in the root directory of a USB memory device. Do not change the names of the update files.

Update procedure
1. Press CONFIG (SHIFT+OPR MODE) > 1/3 (F6) > UPDATE (F5).
2. Insert the USB memory device containing the update files into the USB port on the front panel.
(A USB detected message appears.)
3. Press EXEC (F5).
4. Press OK (F4).
Do not turn off the main power while the update is in progress. Do not remove the USB memory device.
5. Turn off the main power of the PCR-WE/WE2, and remove the USB memory device.

Next, check that the firmware has been updated properly.

Firmware version check procedure
1. Press CONFIG (SHIFT + OPR MODE) > MODEL ID (F5) to display the firmware version.
If Firmware Version 1.38 is displayed on the instrument panel, the update has been completed properly.
If the PCR-WE/PCR-WE2 does not start even if you followed the procedure, if the firmware version is displayed as *1.38, or if something is unclear, contact your Kikusui agent or Kikusui services (

After the update has been completed properly, reset the PCR-WE/PCR-WE2 to its factory default conditions.

Factory default reset procedure
1. Press CONFIG (SHIFT+OPR MODE) > 1/3 (F6) > SANITIZE (F4).
2. Press EXEC (F5) > OK (F4). The PCR-WE/PCR-WE2 will restart with the factory default conditions.

This completes the firmware update task.