PMX-A Series

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Wavy for PMX Free Edition

Wavy for PMX is sequence creation software that supports the PMX-A series DC power supplies. You can use Wavy for PMX to create and edit sequences easily with a mouse. During sequence execution, you can also display execution points for visualization to monitor voltage, current, and other parameters and save them as a file.
*Note: "Free Edition" has the following limitations.
The number of steps that can be included in a sequence is limited to five.
File name SD025-PMX_Free_Ed_v602.EXE
File size 16.4MB
Ver. 6.0.2 [Release Note]
Last update 2016/3/14
Configuration Windows10(x86/x64)
Notes For operating this software, you must have any one VISA library below that corresponds to the VISA COM software.

VISA Library
- NI-VISA by National Instruments (Ver.4.0 or later)
- Keysight IO Libraries Suite14.2 or later
- KI-VISA Ver 5.1.2 or later
*VISA library is not included. Please download the latest version from here.
Setup Guide / Operation Guide
Setup Guide SD025-PMX_setup_E1.pdf
Operation Guide WavyPmx_Manual_E.pdf