SD04-PCR-L Quick Wave Sequencer

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SD04-PCR-L (Quick Wave Sequencer) Driver Updater

This software is a driver update file for Windows2000 and XP Professional correspondence. Please install this software after SD04-PCR-L installation. Requires VISA2.2 or later(NI-VISA 2.5 or later, Agilent IO Libraries K01.00 or later, KI-VISA).
File name pcrldrv291.exe
File size 5.9MB
Last update 2003/8/18
Configuration SD04-PCR-L/LT V1.03 less than
Notes Limitations
When you install SD04-PCR-L Ver. 1.03 less then on Windows XP Professional, Its setup program may not be completed.
Please take out aggressiveness task menu with the state where the setup program stopped completing for the Ctrl+Alt+Del key at once simultaneously, and push the cancellation button of task Manager in it.