TOS5300 series

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Application (Data Acquisition for TOS5300)

Data Acquisition for TOS5300 is a software product that lets you collect and manage test results generated by our TOS5300 Series hipot and insulation resistance testers. Also, Data Acquisition for TOS5300 allows you to save, search, and print data with ease. What's more, you can execute or stop the test through a simple operation using a PC.

File name DAcqTOS5300_1_0_3_00_setup.exe
File size 55.9MB
Ver. [Revision History]
Last update 2014/01/06
Configuration 7(x86/x64)
Notes Data Acquisition for TOS5300 can be used with TOS5300 Series (TOS5300, TOS5301, or TOS5302) testers with firmware version 1.22 and later. If the firmware is earlier than 1.22, it must be updated. Information on updating firmware, please contact us.
Setup Guide
File name DaqTOS5300_SetUpGuide_E2.pdf
File size 365kB
Last update 2013/04/15
Operation guide
File name DAQ_TOS5200_5300_OPN_E3.pdf
File size 365kB
Last update 2021/06/29