VER3.20 - Feb 01, 2013
VER3.12 - Dec 10, 2012
VER3.10 - Nov 12, 2012

VER 3.20 - Feb 01, 2013

Changes from Ver. 3.12

PCR-LE firmware

The expression for calculating the measured power factor has been changed from a signed expression to an unsigned expression.

(λ=P/S → λ=|P|/S)


When the power is turned off, the panel’s OUTPUT OFF indication and the output status sometimes did not match. This has been corrected.

VER 3.12 - Dec 10, 2012

Changes from Ver. 3.10

PCR-LE firmware

The reliability in the internal communication of the parallel operation driver (PD05M-PCR-LE/PD05S-PCR-LE) has been improved.


The load meter full scale calculation when the current limit is set close to the minimum value has been corrected.

VER 3.10 - Nov 12, 2012

Changes from VER 2.00

PCR-LE firmware
New Feature

Support for the parallel operation driver option

PD05M-PCR-LE (master)
PD05S-PCR-LE (slave)

New Feature

Support for the analog signal interface option


New Feature The 2P Mode On/Off function (for selecting the output mode) has been added to the AC mode that uses the single-phase, three-wire output driver option (2P05-PCR-LE).
New Feature

A communication interface command for querying the measured AC power (overall reactive power) has been added. (for the single-phase, three-wire output and three-phase output options)


Improvement When panel operation is not possible due to the current condition or conflicts with other settings, the reason is now indicated for better operability.
Bugfix The reversed UVP/OVP judgment polarity on the V phase side when the single-phase, three-wire output driver option (2P05-PCR-LE) is in use has been fixed.
Bugfix The overload judgment point (threshold) when the frequency is set less than 40 Hz in AC mode has been corrected.
Bugfix The error in the calculation of the reactive power of the V and W phases when the single-phase, three-wire output or three-phase output option is in use has been fixed.