Custom-made System

The Customized/System Products designed by engineering ability of measuring instruments and power supplies with original point of Kikusui’s engineering view.

To meet with the various application of individual customer’s request, we would propose to provide our most suitable design of the system not limited to our standard product items. We have designed and delivered various custom products and systems to the wide range of customers from the field of R&D to the Production, Q&A, Service in the industry of Automotive, Telecommunication, components devices to apply for such testing requirement of evaluation, compliance with standard which were required based on the system of Electronic loads and Power Supplies. In case if you require any special application of the testing system which were not perfectly found in our standard specification of product line, please ask for your local sales representative, we surely would provide our best proposal to meet your request by combining our established engineering of technology in Measuring instruments and Power Supplies at our original point of view.

Field of business industry/ Application

Controlling various devices and the Power Supply (Electronic Load) System for the reliability evaluation testing.

  • Automobile
    Various Electronic devices
  • Electronic Components
    PDP, LCD panel
  • Telecommunication
    Switching box, terminal station, equipped device for the satellite
  • R&D, Medical
    Accelerator Control
  • Power Supply Tester
    High Voltage, Large Capacity, Multi Output
  • Others
    Chemical synthesis, metal plating

Charge-Discharge test system for the evaluation test for various batteries.

  • EV(Electric Vehicle) related application
    High performance battery for vehicle equipped motor, measuring for power efficiency
  • Fuel Cell related application
    Single Cell, Stack Cell, I/V Characteristics test
  • Medical related application
    Battery for small health equipment
  • Telecommunication related application
    Cell phone, battery for the terminal devices
  • Material related application
    An Electrode, Chemical synthesis

Test system for the Standard/Regulation Compliance application.

  • Harmonic Current measuring
  • Flicker Test
  • Immunity Test
  • Automated Withstanding Voltage, Insulation Test

*Please ask for us even if your requirement may not be complied with above categories.

Special order items

Rush current power supply (For vehicle electronic parts test)

Rush current power supply This is a constant voltage generating device that secures a rush load current operation region (with time restriction) in order to test loads such as starter motors, lamps, etc. that transiently require a lot of current. Addition of the output impedance variable function that changes the output voltage according to the output current is also available. (The photograph shows an example of DC20V-300A (1000A at peak)model.
Rush current power supply characteristics

300Wx5ch constant current electronic load system (For vehicle electronic parts test)

Electronic load system This is a multichannel electronic load system containing 5 channels of the electric load part of the 300W rated current per device. In this device, the constant current mode is the only operation mode as a special order specification in the pursuit of usability.

Uninterruptible DC power system (For radio communication equipment)

DC power system This is an equipment that maintains DC output even when failures occur in the commercial power supply. This equipment is for social infrastructures, etc., which always need a stable DC output. (The photograph shows an example of DC13.8V-16A model (over 5A-2h at power outage).)

Charge-discharge power system (For acral parts)

DC power system This is a model whose rated current has been changed as requested based on a catalog model Charge-discharge tester PFX2000. Charge-discharge test under various conditions of PFX2000 is available. (The photograph shows an example of DC5V-50A 1CH model.) We also provide sample connection jigs for quantitative and reproducible tests. jigs
(A) For polymer or laminate batteries
(B) For cylindrical or square batteries

Test system

We provide an exclusive test system that is made only for you and includes application software required as a test system and a rack as well as the equipment. Kikusui, which is famous for its “measurement and power supply,” supports your high technology with our unique custom-made test system.

Modified products offer
We accept orders for the various modified products based on the products in the catalog.
modified products that are perfect for your intended use will be available by adding your custom specifications to the products in our catalog, which have technology and reliability that have been built since our formation.

  • Addition/change of various signal input and output functions
  • Addition/change of operation system
  • Change of operation rating, etc….

For information about modifying the products in the catalog, please feel free to contact us.

Output capacity 6kVA AC power system (Single/Three-phase system)
AC power system
Charge-discharge test system (PFX2021x20units mounting system)
PFX system
5kW electronic load test system (PLZ-4W mounting system)
PLZ-4W system
9kW electronic load test system (PLZ-4W mounting system)
PLZ-4W system
DC power system (PWR800Lx10units mounting system)
PWR system