4 items (1--4) Battery and Capacitor Testers

PFX2000 Series

Battery Test System
4 Models

PFX2000 Series The PFX2000 Series are the battery test system developed on the basis of the experience and know-how that we have amassed thr...

PFX2000 Series Basic Package

All-in-one basic package to start battery test
2 Models

PFX2000 Series Basic Package PFX2000 Series Basic Package and Windows PC allow you to perform battery test such as PASS/FAIL diagnosis, lifetime test, and...

PFX2400 Series

Capacitor Tester For EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor)
3 Models

PFX2400 Series The Capacitor Tester PFX2400 Series is dedicated to design charge/discharge testers for electric double layer capacitors. The...

PFX2500 Series

Charge/Discharge System Controller
3 Models

PFX2500 Series PFX2500 Series is a high performance Charge/Discharge system controller that takes measurements in combination with our DC po...