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PBZ Series

Intelligent Bi-Polar Power Supplies (Switching/Series Regulated, CV/CC)
30 Models

PBZ Series The PBZ series is a bipolar type DC regulated power source that can continuously change both + and – polarities passing throu...

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PWR-01 Series

Compact Wide Range DC Power Supply
12 Models

PWR-01 Series The PWR-01 is a series of high performance, multifunctional, compact, wide-range DC power supplies. It consists of 12 models ...

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PWR Series

Variable-switching Multi Range DC Power Supply (Switching system, CV/CC)
8 Models

PWR Series The PWR Series offers constant voltage (CV)/constant current (CC) automatic crossover DC power supplies that enable you to co...

PWX Series

1U Multi Range Programmable DC Power Supply (Switching system, CV/CC)
9 Models

PWX Series The PWX series is a CVCC programmable regulated DC power supply designed to optimize for a rack-mounted power supply. To incr...

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PAV Series

Smart Variable-switching DC Power Supply (Switching system, CV/CC)
32 Models

PAV Series The PAV series is a compact, high power density, high performance constant voltage (CV) / constant current (CC) variable swit...

PCR-LE Series

High-performance multifunctional AC Power Supplies (CV/CF)
7 Models

PCR-LE Series The PCR-LE Series is a new line of advanced multifunctional AC power supply that has been developed from our PCR-L/LA Series ...

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PCR-LE2 Series

Multi-output AC Power Supplies (CV/CF)
5 Models

PCR-LE2 Series The PCR-LE2 Series are designed based on the PCR-LE Series that supports single-phase output, single-phase 3-wire output, and...

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PCR-MA Series -NEW-

Compact AC Power Supply PCR-MA Series
4 Models

PCR-MA Series The PCR-MA AC power supply series is a PWM inverter type (switching) power supply that builds on the success of our conventio...

PCR-M Series

Compact AC Power Supplies (CV/CF)
4 Models

PCR-M Series The PCR-M Series is a small-size AC power supply with the ease of a variable auto transformer or an automatic voltage regulat...

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PLZ-5W/5WZ Series -NEW-

Multifunctional DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/CP)
11 Models

PLZ-5W/5WZ Series The PLZ-5W Series high performance electronic load is the successor to the highly respected PLZ-4W series, whilst still retai...

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PLZ-4WL Series

High Speed-Large Current DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/CP)
2 Models

PLZ-4WL Series While the PLZ-4WL series succeeds to the superior operability of our conventional model of the PLZ-4W series, the PLZ-4WL ser...

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PLZ-4WH Series

Multifunctional High Voltage DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/CP)
4 Models

PLZ-4WH Series The PLZ-4WH Series Electronic Load is a multifunctional system designed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety...

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PLZ-U Series

Modular Multifunction DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/Zero volt input)
4 Models

PLZ-U Series The current trend in semiconductors is towards lower voltages and higher speeds. This trend places similar demands on both th...

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TOS5300 Series

[5kV AC/6kV DC] Hipot and Insulation Resistance Tester, Rise/Fall-Time Control Function Equipped
3 Models

TOS5300 Series The "TOS5300 Series" is a series of test instruments used in Hipot (withstanding voltage) tests and insulation resistance tes...

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[5kV AC] Hipot Tester, Rise/Fall-Time Control Function Equipped

TOS5200 TOS5200 is designed for AC Hipot Test with 500 VA capacity and 200 mA short circuit current output capability. Equipped with ...


[60A] Ground Bond Tester Supporting UL60950-1

TOS6210 While inheriting the basic performance and functions of its predecessor (TOS6200), such as a constant current driving system ...

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[30A] Ground Bond Tester

TOS6200A The TOS6200A tester is designed to perform the ground bond tests required for class-I devices by safety standards such as IEC...

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PMX-A Series

Compact DC Power Supply (CV/CC)
9 Models

PMX-A Series The PMX-A series is a compact, high-performance DC power supply that...

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Remote Control Boxes

Options for Electrical Safety Testers
2 Models

Remote Control Boxes

PFX2500 Series

Charge/Discharge System Controller
4 Models

PFX2500 Series PFX2500 Series is a high performance Charge/Discharge system controller that takes measurements in combination with our DC po...