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GPIB Interface

GPIB connection

Use a standard IEEE488 cable to connect the KFM2150 to the computer.

Setting the GPIB address

By factory default, the GPIB address is set 3.

The address can be set in the range of 1 to 30.

1.      Check that the load is turned off.

2.      Press the MENU key.
The MENU screen appears.

3.      Press the , , and arrow keys to select Configuration > Interface > TYPE and turn the rotary knob to select GPIB.

4.      Press the or arrow key to select Address, and turn the rotary knob to set the address.

5.     Press the MENU key.
The MENU screen closes.

6.    Turn the POWER switch off and then turn it back on.
The settings are entered.

GPIB function


Table 1    GPIB functions

Function Subset Description
Source handshake SH1 Complete capability
Acceptor handshake AH1 Complete capability
Talker T6 Function available
Listener L4 Function available
Service request SR1 Complete capability
Remote local RL1 Complete capability
Parallel poll PP0 No capability
Device clear DC1 Complete capability
Device trigger DT1 Complete capability
Controller C0 No capability
Electrical interface E1 Open collector driver

Service request

Service request and serial polling functions are implemented.