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Default settings

The settings after an *RST command, *RCL command, MEAS:<meter_fn>? command, and power-on are indicated in Table 4.

*RCL: Recalls the contents saved to the memory (0 to 3).
*RST: Initializes the settings to their factory default values. However, the contents of the three memories remain unchanged.
MEAS:<meter_fn>?: Initializes a portion of the settings to default, starts the measurement, and queries the data.


Table 4    Default settings

Setup Item Setting Unit Function
*RST *RCL MEAS?*1 At power-om
IMP:AVER:MOV:COUNT 1 *2 1 *3 - Moving average count
IMP:CURR:AC 0 *4 Arms Measureing AC current
IMP:CURR:AC:RAT 10 10 % Measuring AC current (as a percentage of the load current)
IMP:CURR:AC:FREQ 20 000 20 000 Hz Measuring frequency
IMP:CURR:PULS:TRAN 0.01 m 0.01 m s Pulse transition time of the interrupt current
IMP:CURR:PULS:WIDT 0.01 0.01 s Pulse width of the interrupt current
IMP:CURR:PULS:DEPT:RAT 100 100 % Pulse depth of the interrupt current (ass a percentage of the load current)
IMP:CURR:PULS:DEPT 0 0 A Pulse depth of the interrupt current
IMP:SAMP:POS 0.06 m 0.06 m s Sampling start position
IMP:SAMP:REG 0.03 m 0.03 m s Sampling range
VOLT:PROT:LOW -2 -2 V Voltage sensing undervoltage protection
VOLT:PROT:LOW:DEL 4 No change s Voltage sensing undervoltage protection delay time
METH ACIM - Impedance measurement method
ACIM: AC Impedance Method
INP OFF No change OFF - Load on/off
INP:SST:RISE 0 *2 *3 S Soft start rising edge
INP:SST:FALL 0 S Soft start falling edge
INP:SENS:VOLT 1 - Voltage measurement channel
INP:SENS:CURR 1 - Current measurement channel
SOUR:CURR 0 A PLZ-4W load current
SOUR:CURR:EXT 0 A Current of the external electronic load
SOUR:CURR:RANG HIGH - PLZ-4W load current range
SOUR:VOLT 0 V PLZ-4W voltage
SOUR:VOLT:RANG HIGH - PLZ-4W voltage range
SOUR:VOLT:PROT:LOW -1 V PLZ-4W undervoltage protection
SOUR:POW:PROT *5 W PLZ-4W overpower protection
FORM:BORD NORM No change NORM - Data transmission/recording mode
NORM:Big Endian
FORM:PAGE:STAR 0 0 s Start point of the data to be transferred
FORM:PAGE:LENG 0.1 0.1 s Length of the ddata to be transferred
1 1 1 - Trigger count
0.01 0.01 0.01 s Trigger hold off
IMM IMM IMM - Trigger source
IMM: Immediate

*1. MEAS:<meter_fn>?

*2. Depends on the settings in the memory.

*3. Settings immediately before the power switch was turned off.

*4. Present DC load current setting (SOUR:CURR) *1/10

*5. Depends on the rated load current of the PLZ-4W Series.