Status Register and Status Report Function

IEEE488.2 and SCPI registers are used for the status reports.

In each SCPI status register, there are sub registers, CONDition register, EVENt register, ENABle register, PTRansition filter, and NTRansition filter.

Fig. 4 shows the SCPI status register structure. The character "+" represents the logic sum of the register bits.


CONDition register

The transition of the CONDition register is automatic and reflects the condition of the KFM2150 in real-time. Reading this register does not affect the contents.

EVENt register

The EVENt register bits are automatically set according to the changes in the CONDition register. The rule varies depending on the positive and negative transition filters (PTRansition and NTRansition). The EVENt register is reset when it is read.

ENABle register

The ENABle register enables the reports to the summary bit or status bit of the event bit.

Transition filter

Use the PTRansition (positive transition) filter to report events when the condition changes from false to true.

Use the NTRansition (negative transition) filter to report events when the condition changes from true to false.

If both the positive filter and the negative filter are set to true, events can be reported each time the status changes.

If both filters are cleared, event reporting is disabled.


Partially changed SCPI Standard 1999.0 Volume1 fig.9-1.

Fig.4    SCPI status register