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IEEE488.2 common commands | Measurement Function Setup
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 IEEE488.2 common commands
*CLS Clears the status data structures.
*ESE Sets the event status enable register bits.
*ESR Queries the event status register.
*IDN Queries the identification string (manufacturer information).
*OPC Causes the device to generate the operation complete message in the event status register when all pending selected device operations have been finished.
*RCL Recalls the contents saved to the memory.
*RST Performs a device reset. Configures the KFM2150 to a known condition independent from the usage history of the device.
*SAV Saves the current settings to the memory.
*SRE Sets the service request enable register bits.
*STB Reads the status byte and master summary status bits.
*TRG Trigger command
*TST Since there is no self-test function built into the KFM2150.
*WAI Prevents the device from executing subsequent commands or queries until the No Operation Pending flag becomes true.
 Measurement Function Setup
Impedance measurement (AC impedance method)
IMP:CURR:AC Averaging period of the measured value
IMP:CURR:AC:RAT Measuring AC current (percentage)
IMP:CURR:AC FREQ Measuring frequency
Impedance measurement (current interrupt method)
IMP:CURR:PULS:TRAN Pulse transition time
IMP:CURR:PULS:DEPT Pulse depth (current)
IMP:SAMP:POS Sampling start position
IMP:SAMP:REG Sampling region
Impedance measurement (averaging)
IMP:AVER:MOV:COUN Moving average count
IMP:AVER:MOV:CLE Moving average area
Measurement method
METH Measurement method
Voltage measurement
VOLT:PROT:LOW Voltage sensing undervoltage protection
VOLT:PROT:LOW:DEL Voltage sensing undervoltage protection delay time
Load On/Off and Input Terminal Setup
Load on/off
INP Load on/off
INP:PROT:CLE Alarm clear
Soft start
INP:SST:RISE Soft start falling edge
INP:SST:FALL Soft start rising edge
INP:SST:RTIM Remaining time
 Electronic Load Setup
SOUR:CURR AC current limit
SOUR:CURR:EXT External electronic load DC current
SOUR:CURR:RANG Electronic load DC current range
SOUR:VOLT Voltage of PLZ-4W Series
SOUR:VOLT:RANG Voltage range of PLZ-4W Series
SOUR:VOLT:PROT:LOW Undervoltage protection
SOUR:POW:PROT PLZ-4W OPP activation voltage of the electronic load DC voltage
 Waveform Data Setup
FORM:BORD Data transmission/recording mode
FORM:PAGE:STAR Length of the data to be transferred
FORM:PAGE:LENG Start point of the data to be transferred
TRAC Voltage waveform data or current waveform data
 Measurement Operation and Trigger Function
Trigger function
TRIG:COUN Sequence 1: Trigger count
TRIG:SEQ2:COUN Sequence 2: Trigger count
TRIG:TIM Sequence 1: Trigger time setting
TRIG:SEQ2:TIM Sequence 2: Trigger time setting
TRIG:SOUR Sequence 1: Trigger source
TRIG:SEQ2:SOUR Sequence 2: Trigger source
INIT Sequence 1 and 2: Start the trigger function
INIT:SEQ Sequence 1: Start the trigger function
INIT:SEQ2 Sequence 2: Start the trigger function
INIT:SEQ:WAV Sequence 1: Starts the trigger function while holding the voltage and current waveform data
ABOR Aborts the sequence 1 and 2 operations
*TRG or IEEE488.1 get
(Group Execute Trigger)
Software trigger
*RCL / *RST Recall or Reset
Measurement operation
FETC / FETC:ARR Queries the measured data
READ / READ:ARR Starts the measurement and queries the data
MEAS:<meter_fn> /
Resets a portion of the settings to default, start the measurement, and queries the data
 System Configuration
SYST:COMM:SER:PACE Flow control condition
SYST:ERR Reads the error information
(RS232C and USB only)
Sets to local
(RS232C and USB only)
Sets the KFM2150 control to remote.
Locks panels keys except the local key
(RS232C and USB only)
Sets the KFM2150 control to remote.
Locks the panel operation.
SYST:VERS Version of the SCPI specifications to which the KFM2150 conforms
Status byte register
Event status register
OPERation status register
STAT:OPER Queries the event
STAT:OPER:COND Queries the condition of the register
STAT:OPER:ENAB Enable register
STAT:OPER:NTR Negative transition
STAT:OPER:PTR Positive transition
OPERation:MEASuring status register
STAT:OPER:MEAS Queries the event
STAT:OPER:MEAS:COND Queries the condition of the register
STAT:OPER:MEAS:ENAB Enable register
STAT:OPER:MEAS:NTR Negative transition
STAT:OPER:MEAS:PTR Positive transition
OPERation:TRIGger status register
STAT:OPER:TRIG Queries the event
STAT:OPER:TRIG:COND Queries the condition of the register
STAT:OPER:TRIG:ENAB Enable register
STAT:OPER:TRIG:NTR Negative transition
STAT:OPER:TRIG:PTR Positive transition
OPERation:PROTecting status register
STAT:OPER:PROT Queries the event
STAT:OPER:PROT:COND Queries the condition of the register
STAT:OPER:PROT:ENAB Enable register
STAT:OPER:PROT:NTR Negative transition
STAT:OPER:PROT:PTR Positive transition
QUEStionable status register
STAT:QUES Queries the event
STAT:QUES:COND Queries the condition of the register
STAT:QUES:ENAB Enable register
STAT:QUES:NTR Negative transition
STAT:QUES:PTR Positive transition
Preset Status
STAT:PRES Constructing status data