CONFIG Settings

1.    Press the CONFIG switch.

The switch LED illuminates. The ammeter displays the parameter number, and the voltmeter displays the present setting.

2.    Turn the CURRENT knob to select the parameter number.

3.    Turn the VOLTAGE knob to change the setting.

If you select a new setting, it blinks.
When the setting is blinking, the new setting is not entered until you press a switch. If you do not want to change the setting, turn the VOLTAGE knob and select the setting that illuminates (not blinking) to return to the original setting.

4.    To set or display other parameters, repeat step 2 and step 3 . To exit from the CONFIG settings, proceed to step 5 .

5.    Press any of the switch from SET, OVP・OCP, CONFIG or OUTPUT switch. If it is set to the slave unit, press CONFIG switch.

It will exit from the CONFIG setting to reflect the setting conditions.
Even when the POWER switch is turned off, the setting description will be reflected.