Error Checking

Error/event queue

The SCPI specifications define a standard error reporting scheme, Error/Event Queue. This is a FIFO (First In First Out) queue, which records errors and events. The maximum number of errors/events that the PAT-T can record is 255. Each error/event can be read with the SYSTem:ERRor query.


The response to this query contains a numeric part (error/event number) and a textual description, such as:

-222,"Data out of range"

The error/event queue is empty when the *CLS common command is sent, when the last item in the queue is read, or when the PAT-T is turned on. When the error/event queue is empty, the query returns the following:

0,"No error"

Displaying communication errors

The PAT-T has a debug trace function. The oldest item among the errors and events (if they are present) can be displayed on the PAT-T. This function is convenient when you debug your remote applications.

While an error/event item is displayed on the panel, the normal voltmeter and ammeter are disabled.v

If the error/event queue is empty, the debug trace function does not display any errors. Sending the *CLS command clears the communication error display.

If in local mode, the debug trace function is temporarily disabled.

The communication error display can be enabled or disabled with the SYSTem:CONFigure:TRACe command.