Turning the Power On and Resetting the Instrument

When the PAT-T is turned on, all panel settings are set to the state when it was turned off the last time. The output state varies depending on the output state setting (OUTPut:PON:STATe) at power-on.

There are settings specific to remote control that are not related to the panel settings. They are the SYSTem, TRIGger, and STATus subsystems. Most of the settings are reset when the PAT-T is turned on. The following commands are implicitly executed at power-on.



*SRE 0

*ESE 0


:OUTPut OFF    'OUTPut ON is executed if OUTP:PON:STAT is set to AUTO.


:TRIGger:SEQuence1:SOURce BUS

:TRIGger:SEQuence2:SOURce BUS

:TRIGger:SEQuence3:SOURce IMMediate

:INITiate:CONTinuous:SEQuence3 OFF

Reset command

The *RST command is used to initialize the panel settings of the PAT-T.


The *RST command is used to reset the panel settings to their default conditions. However, some items are not affected by the *RST command.

If you want to completely reset the panel settings, the items below must be changed to the initial settings after executing the *RST command.

Communication error display setting

Master-Slave parallel operation setting

Lock function

Remote interface setting


Turning on the POWER switch while holding down the SHIFT switch initializes the PAT-T settings to factory default. All the panel settings, panel memory contents, and configuration settings are reset.