Using Triggers

PAT-T has three different trigger subsystems: TRANsient, OUTPut, and ACQuire. In the normal SCPI specifications, each trigger subsystem is grouped into a numbered trigger sequence. TRANsient, OUTPut, and ACQuire are mapped to SEQuence1, SEQuence2, SEQuence3, respectively.

The functional assignments of each sequence number are specific to the PAT-T. The assignment is not necessarily the same as other models that have the SCPI language implemented.

Sequence 1 (TRANsient) group

A trigger subsystem that changes the output voltage and output current settings.

Sequence 2 (OUTPut) group

A trigger subsystem for the output on/off delay

Sequence 3 (ACQuire) group

A trigger subsystem for measurements

When the PAT-T is turned on, all the trigger subsystems are in the IDLE state. In this state, the trigger subsystems ignore all triggers. Sending one of the following commands at any time also causes the trigger subsystems to return to the IDLE state.



Device clear (GPIB and USB) or break signal (RS232)