Command (Function/ Sub-system)

IEEE488.2 Common commands

*CLS Clears all the event registers.
*ESE Sets the event status enable register bits.
*ESR Queries the event status register.
*IDN Queries the identification string (manufacturer information).
*OPC Causes the device to generate the operation complete message in the event status register when all pending selected device operations have been finished.
*OPT Queries the hardware interface board that is installed.
*PSC Initializes *ESE and *SRE.
*RST Performs a device reset. Configures the PAT-T to a known condition independent from the usage history of the device.
*SRE Sets the service request enable register bits.
*STB Reads the status byte and master summary status bits.
*TRG Trigger command
*TST Executes a self-test
*WAI Prevents the device from executing subsequent commands or queries until the No Operation Pending flag becomes true.