Command (Sub-system)

SYSTem subsystem

SYST:CONF:BTR Breaker trip.
SYST:CONF:BTR:PROT Turns breaker trip on/off when the OCP/OVP activates.
SYST:CONF:BTR:SHUT Turns the breaker trip on/off when the SD signal is applied.
SYST:CONF:PAR Setting the number of units in Master-Slave Parallel Operation.
SYST:CONF:PST Sets the status signal of the power on/off.
SYST:CONF:RSEN Queries the sensing switch status.
SYST:CONF:MSL Sets the status during parallel operation.
SYST:CONF:MPR Sets the output-on startup state. (Only on the PAT350-22.8T and PAT850-9.4T)
SYST:CONF:SPH Sets the phase input mode (Three-phase input/Single-phase input mode)
SYST:CONF:TRAC Sets whether to display or hide the communication error.
SYST:ERR Read the error information.
SYST:KLOC Panel operation lock.
SYST:LOC Sets to local.
SYST:OPT Queries the option interface board.
SYST:REM Sets the operation to remote. Locks the panel keys except the LOCAL switch.
SYST:RWL Sets the operation to remote. Locks the panel operation.
SYST:VERS Queries the SCPI specification version with which the PAT-T complies.