AC power supply PCR-LE series


Selecting the Response

The PCR-LE Series uses a high-speed amplifier. Depending on the load circuits (especially in the case of capacitive loads) and the wiring conditions, the output may become unstable may oscillate.

You can set the response speed of the internal amplifier (to one of the following three levels) according to the load conditions and how you will use the PCR-LE Series.

During single-phase, three-wire output, three-phase output, master-slave parallel control (optional), only soft sensing is available.

High speed response (FAST)

This is only valid on the PCR500LE, PCR1000LE, PCR2000LE, PCR3000LE, and PCR4000LE.

This is mostly used in research and development, such as in special tests that require fast rise and fall speeds of power supplies. Depending on the load conditions, the output may become unstable (it may oscillate). Check the output voltage waveform before you actually perform the tests. If the output is unstable, set the response to MEDIUM or SLOW.

Normal speed response (MEDIUM)

This is used in power-supply-environment testing - including tests such as low-frequency immunity tests - to cover a range of frequencies from commercial power line frequencies to the frequencies used by ship and aircraft power supplies.

High stable response (SLOW)

This is used to provide stable power to a variety of loads. For example, this setting would be used on the power supplies at an EMC test sight. Even if a capacitor that has a large capacity (such as a large noise filter) is connected to the output of the PCR-LE Series, this setting can be used to provide stable operations. This setting provides a sufficient response speed to generate commercial power line frequencies, so it can also be used in typical evaluation tests.

Press OTHERS (SHIFT+MEMORY), 1/3 (F6), and then RESP (F3) to set the response.





Condition in which the function key cannot be used


CV Response

Selects the highly stable response



Selects the normal speed response

Compensation function: hard sensing


Selects the high speed response

*1. Invalid in single-phase three-wire output and three-phase output (optional)


AC power supply PCR-LE seriesAC power supply PCR-LE series