AC power supply PCR-LE series


Selecting the Output Mode

If the 2P05-PCR-LE single-phase, three-wire output option is installed, select whether to use single-phase, three-wire output or two-phase output .

The output cannot be turned on for a few seconds after the output method is switched (Busy state).

The example below shows the output of a user-defined waveform whose U-V phase difference is 180° (factory default setting). The phase difference is 180° in both cases, but the output waveforms are different.

Single-phase, three-wire output (2P Mode OFF) waveform

The phase setting is 180°, but the V phase is not 180° out of phase with the U phase. The V phase is an inverted waveform of the U phase.


To use single-phase, three-wire output, set 2P Mode to OFF.

Two-phase output (2P Mode ON) waveform

The V phase is 180° behind the U phase.


If you want to use two-phase such as in a V wiring connection, set 2P Mode to ON.

To set the phase difference between U and V, press V, 1/2 (F6), and then UV PHASE (F4).

Setting the output mode

Press OPR MODE and then 2P (F3) to select the output mode.





Condition in which the function key cannot be used


2P Mode

Two-phase output

Output on
DC mode


Single-phase, three-wire output

Output on


AC power supply PCR-LE seriesAC power supply PCR-LE series