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QUEStionable status register (PCR-LE/PCR-LE2)

The QUEStionable status register is a 16-bit register that stores information related to the questionable events and status during PCR operation.

These register bits may indicate problems with the measured data of the PCR.


Bit Bit weight Bit name Description
0 1 OV(Over Voltage Protection) Overvoltage protection has been activated
1 2 OC(Over Current Protection) Overcurrent protection has been activated
2 4 PU Device error has occurred
3 8 UV(Under Voltage Protection) Undervoltage protection has been activated
4 16 OHP(Over Heat Protection) Overtemperature protection has been activated
5 32 SHUT DOWN Shut down the output
6 64 OCP2 Overcurrent internal semiconductor protection has been activated
7 128 NOT USED --
8 256 CAL(CALibration) Calibration data is invalid
9 512 OP(Over Power protection) Overpower protection has been activated
10 1024 CL-PEAK Current limit control has been activated
11 2048 Not Used --
12 4096 CL-RMS(Current Limit on RMS) TRIP ENABLE: During overload judgment
TRIP DISABL: During output voltage control
13 8192 INSTrument Summary Summary bit of QUEStionable:INSTrument sub register
14 16384 OCP2-W

The PCR-LE/PCR-LE2 is waiting for internal semiconductor protection judgment

15 32768 Not Used Always zero


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AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-LE series
Communication Interface Manual

AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-LE2 series
Communication Interface Manual

AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-M series
Communication Interface Manual