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QUEStionable:INSTrument:ISUMmary{1|2|3} subregister

This is the subregister of bit 1 to bit 3 of the QUEStionable:INSTrument subregister. This is a 16-bit register that stores information related to the status of and the questionable events that occur during operation of the PCR-LE/PCR-LE2 Series.

Of the parameters {1|2|3}, 1 represents U phase, 2 represents V phase, and 3 represents W phase.

For example, V phase is specified as "QUES:INST:ISUM2".

The QUEStionable status register bits may indicate that there are problems with the PCR-LE/PCR-LE2's measured data.


Bit Bit weight Bit name Description
0 1 OV(Over Voltage Protection) Overvoltage protection has been activated
1 2 OC(Over Current Protection) Overcurrent protection has been activated
2 4 PU Device error has occurred
3 8 UV(Under Voltage Protection) Undervoltage protection has been activated
4 16 OHP(Over Heat Protection) Overtemperature protection has been activated
5 32 Not Used --
6 64 OCP2 Overcurrent internal semiconductor protection has been activated
7 128 NOT USED --
8 256 CAL(CALibration) Calibration data is invalid
9 512 OP(Over Power protection) Overpower protection has been activated
10 1024 CL-PEAK Current limit control has been activated
11 2048 Not Used --
12 4096 CL-RMS(Current Limit on RMS) TRIP ENABLE: During overload judgment
TRIP DISABL: During output voltage control
13 8192 INSTrument Summary --
14 16384 OCP2-W

The PCR-LE/PCR-LE2 is waiting for internal semiconductor protection judgment

15 32768 Not Used Always zero

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AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-LE series
Communication Interface Manual

AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-LE2 series
Communication Interface Manual

AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-M series
Communication Interface Manual