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Commnunication Interface Mannual


Interface Setup

Interface Setup for PCR-M series

RS232C (standard equipped)

RS232C connection

Turn off the POWER switch on the PCR-M and the computer.

Use a D-sub 9-pin female-to-female AT type crossover cable for the RS232C cable. Figure shows the connector pin assignments.

The KPM1000 does not use hardware handshaking (Crossover cable example2).


9-pin AT type connector

RS232C configuration

1.  Press CONFIG until the interface is set to "IntF."

2.  Turn the rotary knob to set RS232C to "232."

3.  Press CONFIG to set the baud rate to "bAUd."

4.  Turn the rotary knob to set the baud rate.

You can set the baud rate to 1.2, 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, or 19.2 (the unit is kBPS).

5.  Press CONFIG to set the flow control to "F.CTL" (Xon/Xoff).

6.  Turn the rotary knob to select "ON" or "OFF."

7.  Wait at least 5 seconds, and then turn the POWER switch off and on.

The settings are applied.


The following table shows the settings that correspond to the RS232C protocol.

Underlined values are factory default settings.

Item Setting


1 200 bps/ 2 400 bps/ 4 800 bps/ 9 600 bps/ 19 200 bps
Data Fixed to 8 bit
Stop: Fixed to 1 bit
Parity Fixed to none

RS232C communication

Use flow control for RS232C communication. DC (device control) codes are used as control codes.

Transmission/reception may not work correctly through unilateral transmission.

Code Function ASCII code
DC1 (Xon) Request to send 11H
DC3 (Xoff) Transmission stop request 13H

Break signal

The break signal functions as a substitute for the IEEE488.1 dcl / sdc (Device Clear, Selected Device Clear) message.


The RS232C interface should be shifted remotely by the command. Use the "SYSTem:REMote" SCPI command to set the RS232C interface to the remote state. Be sure to include this command at the start of the program when you are performing remote programming.


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AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-LE series
Communication Interface Manual

AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-LE2 series
Communication Interface Manual

AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-M series
Communication Interface Manual