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Interface Setup

Interface Setup for PCR-LEPCR-LE2 series

Accessing and operating the PCR from a Web browser (LAN interface)

"Accessing and operating the PCR from a Web browser" applies to LN05-PCR-LE with firmware version2.2x. To view the LN05-PCR-LE's firmware version, access Welcome page on Web brower.

You can use the LAN interface to configure detailed settings from a Web browser on your PC.

The Web site's URL is defined by adding "http://" in front of the PCR's IP address.

The URL can be entered directly on the address bar of the browser by confirming the IP address of the config (CONFIG(SHIFT+OPERATION MODE) > COM-I/F > TYPE > LAN).

When you are using a VISA library, a function is available that enables the application program (such as National Instruments NI-MAX, Agilent Connection Expert, and Kikusui KI-VISA Instrument Explorer) to retrieve the VXI-11 measuring instrument. This function is provided by VISA vendors. You can access the PCR by clicking on the hyperlink that is provided in the retrieval results.

(Example) When the IP address is

The following browsers are supported.

Internet Explorer 9.0 or later

Firefox 8.0 or later

Safari/Mobile Safari 5.1 or later

Chrome 15.0 or later

Opera 11.0 or later


When you access the PCR from a Web browser, the WELCOME page is displayed first.

The instrument information, network information, and VISA resource (I/O resource) information appear on the display. Click items in the navigation menu to move to the other pages.



This page is used to update the network settings/configure security settings, displays the LAN status. It is also used to turn the PCR-LEPCR-LE2's "identify" display on and off.


LAN Configuration

You can use this page to configure settings such as the allocation of IP address and the host name. Once you set the host name, you can access the LAN interface by using the host name instead of the IP address. For normal operation, we recommend that you select the "DHCP," "AUTO-IP," "Dynamic DNS," and "mDNS" check boxes.

To apply the settings, click “Apply” after you change the fixed IP address or host name.

If you leave the Hostname and/or Description boxes empty and click “Apply,” the host name/Description will be created from the model name and serial number.


This page is used to configure security settings.

You can use this page to set the password protection and to limit hosts by restricting IP addresses.

Password protection is an effective security feature for the Web site. It prevents the settings from being changed inadvertently. The password can contain alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores. The first character should be an alphabetical character. The maximum password length is 15 characters.

IP address restriction to limit hosts is an effective security feature for the VXI-11. If at least one unit is registered, this security feature prevents against access from non-registered hosts.

Up to four IP addresses (each for a different unit) can be registered on the host side.


Turn the identify display on to identify the PCR-LEPCR-LE2 that is being controlled through the LAN interface. The PCR-LEPCR-LE2 that is being controlled will display “Device Identify” on its front panel.

Web Applications page

You can use this page to set up the simple power supply control application program.

Click “Refresh” to load the current PCR-LEPCR-LE2 settings. On the Front panel control and Harmonic Analysis pages, the measured values on the PCR-LEPCR-LE2 at the time that you clicked “Refresh” are displayed.

Front Panel Control

You can use this page to set the voltage and the frequency, control the output, display measured values, save and recall preset memory entries, configure protection settings, and set CONFIG settings.

Harmonic Analysis

You can use this page to view harmonic current.



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Command (ABC search)

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AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-LE series
Communication Interface Manual

AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-LE2 series
Communication Interface Manual

AC power supply  PCR-M seriesAC Power Supply PCR-M series
Communication Interface Manual