AC power supply PCR-M series

Installation and Preparation

Connecting the Power Cord (PCR500M)

The power cord provided with the product varies depending on the type. This product is designed as an equipment of IEC Overvoltage Category II (energy-consuming equipment supplied from the fixed installation).

25055.jpg WARNING

Possible electric shock.

This product is an IEC Safety Class I equipment (equipment with a protective conductor terminal). Be sure to ground (earth) the unit.

Connect the protective conductor terminal to earth ground.

25043.jpg CAUTION

If the voltage distortion of the AC power line is large, it can lead to malfunction. The PCR-M cannot be connected to a generator or a similar device.

- Note -

Use the supplied power cord to connect to the AC line.
If the supplied power cord cannot be used due to the rated voltage or the plug shape, have a qualified engineer replace it with an appropriate power cord of length 3 m or less. If obtaining a power cord is difficult, consult your Kikusui agent or distributor.

The power cord with a plug can be used to disconnect the PCR-M from the AC line in an emergency. Connect the plug to an easily accessible power outlet so that the plug can be removed from the outlet at any time. Be sure to allow enough space around the power outlet.

Do not use the supplied power cord on other instruments.


Check that the AC power line complies with the input rating of the PCR-M.

The voltage that can be applied is any of the nominal power supply voltages in the range of 100 Vac to 120 Vac or 200 Vac to 240 Vac. The frequency is 50 Hz or 60 Hz.


Check that the POWER switch is turned off.


Connect the power cord to the AC INPUT inlet on the rear panel.


Insert the power plug to an outlet.


AC power supply PCR-M seriesAC power supply PCR-M series
Installation and Preparation