AC power supply PCR-M series


Setting the Configuration

The operating conditions are specified.


Press the CONFIG key.

The configuration setting display appears.

The configuration setting switches in order each time the CONFIG key is pressed. Press the CONFIG key repeatedly until the operating condition you wish to set is displayed. The measured value display is shown after all configuration settings are shown.


Turn the rotary knob to set the condition.


To set other operating conditions, press the CONFIG key. To show another setting display or the measured value display, press the V, F, or I key.

The voltage setting display, frequency setting display, or measured value display is shown, respectively.

If you change the communication interface type or change the RS232C settings, you must wait at least 5 seconds, turn the POWER switch off, and then turn it back on.


"OUTPUT on phase"

"Averaging period"

"Hold time of peak current""Communication interface"

"Communication interface"

"Error display during remote control"

OUTPUT on phase

Set the OUTPUT on phase for AC mode.

When using the OUTPUT on phase control, also set the phase angle.

OUTPUT on phase

ON ( 24658.jpg ):

OUTPUT on phase control enabled

OFF ( 24667.jpg ):

FREE operation (no phase control)

Phase angle

0 deg to 359 deg : Range for phase angle setting


Averaging period

You can select the averaging period of the measured values (excluding the peak current).

Measured value averaging

ON ( 29647.jpg ):

Displays the moving average over approximately 3 seconds

OFF ( 29641.jpg ):

Updates and displays approximately every 0.3 s


Hold time of peak current

You can change the hold time of the peak current.

Peak hold time

SHORT ( 24694.jpg ):

Updates approximately every 0.3 s

LONG ( 24705.jpg ) :

Holds the peak value for approximately 5 seconds If a greater peak value is measured while holding, the new peak value is held for approximately 5 seconds from that point.


Communication interface

The functions of the PCR-M can be expanded by installing an interface board to the option slot. However, the GPIB, RS232C, and USB interfaces cannot be used simultaneously.

Communication interface type

To activate the settings, the POWER switch must be turned off when at least 5 seconds elapses after changing the settings and then turned back on.

232 ( 24769.jpg ) :

RS232C (standard equipped)

488 ( 24782.jpg ) :

GPIB (selectable only when the optional interface board is installed)

USB ( 24792.jpg ) :

USB (selectable only when the optional interface board is installed)


If you select RS232C, set the baud rate and the XON/XOFF flow control.

To activate the settings, the POWER switch must be turned off when at least 5 seconds elapses after changing the settings and then turned back on.

RS232C baud rate

1.2/2.4 ... 19.2 :

1200 bps, 2400 bps, 4800 bps,
9600 bps, 19200 bps

RS232C XON/XOFF control

ON ( 29659.jpg ):

XON/XOFF ontrol

OFF ( 29653.jpg ):

XON/XOFF control


If you select GPIB, select the GPIB address. The dipswitches mounted on the IB21 are not used.

GPIB address

1 to 30 : Address


If you select USB, an ID that is required is displayed. You cannot change the settings.

Vender ID ( 29727.jpg ) : display

Product ID display

0x1009 ( 24858.jpg ) :


0x100A ( 24867.jpg ) :


0x100B ( 24876.jpg ) :


0x1043 ( 29109.jpg ) :



Error display during remote control

Select whether to show or hide the error number on the lower numeric display when there is an error log in the SCPI error queue during remote control.

Communication error trace function

ON ( 29675.jpg ):

Show the error number

OFF ( 29668.jpg ):

Hide the error number


AC power supply PCR-M seriesAC power supply PCR-M series