Interface Setup


USB connection

Use a standard USB cable to connect the PLZ-4W/PLZ-4WL/PLZ-4WH to the computer.

USB configuration

1. Check that the LOAD LED is turned off.

If it is on, press the LOAD key to turn it off.

2. Press the MENU (SHIFT+SET/VSET) key to displays the menu.

3. Press the CURSOR key several times until the Configuration menu item is highlighted. Then press the ENTER key.

4. Press the CURSOR key several times until the Interface menu item is highlighted. Then press the ENTER key.

5. Check that the cursor is blinking by Control on the menu, and turn the rotary knob to select USB.

If it is not blinking, press the CURSOR key to blinking.

6. Press the MENU (SHIFT+SET/VSET) key. The original screen displayed before entering menu setup appears.

7. Power cycle the PLZ-4W/PLZ-4WL/PLZ-4WH.

The settings are confirmed.

Service request

Service request and serial polling functions are implemented.

USB function

Complies with USB Specification 2.0

Complies with USBTMC Specification 1.0 and USBTMC-USB488 Specification 1.0

Data rate: 12 Mbps maximum (full speed)

VID (vendor ID)


PID (product ID)

PLZ164W: 0x1002

PLZ164WA: 0x1005

PLZ164WL: 0x1019

PLZ164WH: 0x1021

PLZ334W: 0x1003

PLZ334WL: 0x1020

PLZ334WH: 0x1022

PLZ664WA: 0x1006

PLZ1004W: 0x1004

PLZ1004WH: 0x1023


A device driver supporting USB T&M Class (USBTMC) is required to control the PLZ-4W/PLZ-4WL/PLZ-4WH through the USB interface. The USBTMC driver is automatically installed by one of the VISA libraries below.
• KI-VISA 3.0.x or later
(downloadable from KIKUSUI Website)
• NI-VISA 3.0 or later
(downloadable from National Instruments Website)
• Agilent VISA (Agilent I/O Libraries) M01.00 or later
(downloadable from Agilent Technologies Website)




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