Insert a normal sequence step into the selected program (PROG:NAME). If the parameter is omitted, the last setting value is applied.



Parameter <step_NR1>

Value: 1 to 256 (Select the number previous to the step number you wish to insert.)

Parameter <value_numeric>

Set the setting value which you want to execute by a step.

Setting for conductance value  PLZ-4W   PLZ-4WL/ PLZ-4WH

Setting for current value  PLZ-4W   PLZ-4WL/ PLZ-4WH

Setting for voltage value

Setting for power value

Parameter <time_numeric>

Value: 0.001 to 3599940 (999h59min), Step execution time

Parameter <load_bool>

Value ON (1) Load on (default)
OFF (0) Load off

Parameter <ramp_bool>

Current change type

Value ON (1) Slope
OFF (0) Step (default)

Parameter <trig_bool>

Value ON (1) Output the trigger signal during step execution
OFF (0) Not output the trigger signal during step execution (default)

Parameter <pause_bool>

Value ON (1) Pause during step execution
OFF (0) Not pause during step execution (default)




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