Command (Sub-system)

PROGram subsystem

PROGram:CLEar Delete the contents of the sequence
PROGram:CHAin Set the number of the program to be executed next
PROGram:CRANge Set the current range
PROGram:EXECuting Query the number of the program currently in operation
PROGram:FSPeed:EDIT Edit an existing step (fast sequence)
PROGram:FSPeed:EDIT:LINear Set the FILL function (fast sequence)
PROGram:FSPeed:EDIT:WAVE Edit the waveform of the step (fast sequence)
PROGram:FSPeed:END Set the end step (fast sequence)
PROGram:FSPeed:TIME Set the step execution time (fast sequence)
PROGram:LINPut Set the load on/off condition after the sequence ends
PROGram:LOOP Set the number of program loops
PROGram:LOUT Set the load on/off condition after the sequence ends
PROGram:LVALue Set the setting value after the specified program ends
PROGram:MEMO Set the memo
PROGram:MODE Set the mode
PROGram:NAME Specify the program number
PROGram:NSPeed:ADD Add a step after the last step (normal sequence)
PROGram:NSPeed:COUNt Query the number of steps (normal sequence)
PROGram:NSPeed:DELete Delete the selected program sequence step (normal sequence)
PROGram:NSPeed:DELete:ALL Deletes the all the steps (normal sequence)
PROGram:NSPeed:EDIT Edit an existing sequence step (normal sequence)
PROGram:NSPeed:INSert Insert a normal sequence step (normal sequence)
PROGram:STATe Execute the selected program
PROGram:VRANge Set the voltage range




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