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Setting Up the LAN Interface

Either the VXI-11, HiSLIP, or SCPI-RAW protocol can be used to control the PLZ-5W via the LAN interface. For VXI-11 and HiSLIP, the middleware is installed automatically by the VISA library. For SCPI-RAW, no middleware is required.

The LAN interface board has a Web browser interface. You can configure the LAN interface settings from your PC's Web browser.

For information on topics such as connecting to your corporate LAN, your IP address, your host name, and security, contact your network administrator.

If you are using a host name (a Bonjour host name), you have to install Apple Bonjour.

Connection Procedure

Use a standard LAN cable (category 5 and straight) to connect the PLZ-5W to a network hub or router.

Setting Procedure

1.    Press SYSTEM and then Configure Interface on the front panel.

If the Interface screen does not appear, press Configure Interface again.

2.     Press Modify and make the necessary LAN settings for “IP Address”, “DNS Server”, “WINS Server”, and “Hostname & Services”.

Normally, use the PLZ-5W with “Method” under “IP Address” set to “Automatic” (factory default setting). If this settings have been changed, execute Resetting the LAN Interface Settings to restore the factory default settings.

You can check the IP address by pressing SYSTEM and then Information on the front panel.


Possible damage to the equipment and electric shock. The LAN interface can be accessed from anywhere on the network that the PLZ-5W is connected to. If necessary, set a password for the Web browser interface.
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If you are going to use remote control, we recommend that you set the PLZ-5W in remote mode (set SYST:COMM:RLST to REMote or RWLock). When operating in remote mode, REMOTE appears on the front panel display.

Service request

The PLZ-5W is equipped with service request and serial polling functions.

LAN feature

Depending on the operations that you perform through the Web browser interface, the PLZ-5W may need to connect to the Internet.

Complies with LXI 1.4 Core Specification 2011

Complies with the VXI-11, HiSLIP, SCPI-RAW, and SCPI-Telnet protocols

Baud rate: 100 Mbps maximum (auto negotiation)

AUTO MDIX support

From your Web browser, you can:

・Operating environment

Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or later, Google Chrome 5.0 or later, Safari 5.1 or later,

・Functions that can be used

Measuring instrument information, network information, display of VISA resource information, checking the connected PLZ-5W, remote control from browser, changing network settings, system status information, license information, password setting

Resetting the LAN interface

When the LAN interface is reset, the Interface items other than “Desired Hostname”, “Desired Description”, “NTP Server Hostname”, and “Auto Clock Adjustment” are restored to the factory default settings. This operation does not affect the other settings.

You can use this if you forget the security password or IP address.

1.    Press SYSTEM and then Configure Interface on the front panel.

If the Interface screen does not appear, press Configure Interface again.

2.    Press LAN Reset and then ENTER.

The LAN interface setting is reset. If the PLZ-5W is in remote mode, reset will change the PLZ-5W back into local mode (panel operation).



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