PLZ-5W Series Electronic Load

Commnunication Interface Mannual



Setting Up the USB Interface

To use the USB interface to control the PLZ-5W, a driver that supports the USB T&M class (USBTMC) must be installed on the controller. The USBTMC driver is installed automatically by the VISA library.

Connection Procedure

Turn off the POWER switches of the PLZ-5W and computer.

Using a USB cable, connect the PLZ-5W to the PC and then turn on the PLZ-5W.

Service request

The PLZ-5W is equipped with service request and serial polling functions.

USB feature

Complies with USB specification 2.0

Complies with the USBTMC-USB488 device class specifications

Baud rate: 480 Mbps max. (High Speed)

Message terminator: LF or EOM during reception, LF + EOM during transmission

VID (vendor ID)


PID (product ID)

0x1042 (for all models)


If you are going to use remote control, we recommend that you set the PLZ-5W in remote mode (set SYST:COMM:RLST to REMote or RWLock). When operating in remote mode, REMOTE appears on the front panel display.



Overview of Command

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