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Overview of commands


The SCPI parameter format is derived from the program parameter format that is defined in IEEE 488.2.

The program data expression format that the PLZ-5W series uses is shown below.

Non-numeric parameters

String data (String)

String data is used when a series of ASCII characters (20H to 7EH) are requested.

Enclose strings in single (’ ’) or double quotation (" ") marks. The opening and closing quotation marks must match (you cannot mix single and double quotation marks).

DISPlay:AMMeter "AVG"

If you want to include a quotation mark as part of the string, enter consecutive quotation marks (with no characters between them).

Character data (Character)

Character data is used when only a limited number of values are available for a program setting. Responses are returned in short form.

TRIGger:SOURce {BUS|IMMediate}

Boolean data (Boolean)

Boolean data is used to express a condition of 1 or 0, or ON or OFF. Responses are returned as 1 or 0.

OUTPut {ON|OFF|1|0}

Numeric parameters


Represents an integer value.

Details are given in the “IEEE 488.2 Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation.”


Represents a real number in floating-point format.

Details are given in the “IEEE 488.2 Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation.”


Represents a real number in scientific notation.

Details are given in the “IEEE 488.2 Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation.” If 380 is returned in the response data, it is returned as +3.80000E+02. Five decimal places are used.


NRf is a generic term that includes NR1, NR2, and NR3.


Numeric parameter for values such as the decimal point, optional prefixes, and measurement units.

Numbers are expressed the same as NRf.

MINimum, MAXimum, and the like are available as substitutes for declaring certain values.

You can also use units such as V, A, and W in numeric parameters.

If a value that cannot be set is entered, an error occurs.

Special form numeric parameters

The special form numeric parameters MINimum and MAXimum can be used as substitutes for the actual maximum and minimum values when the parameter is numeric.

The following example sets the overcurrent protection value to the minimum value.

SOURce:CURRent MINimum

You can query the minimum and maximum values for most parameters.



Measurement units

The default measurement units are listed below. Commands are accepted even if measurement units are not specified.

V (voltage) A (current) W (power) SIE (conductance)
S (second) HZ (frequency) PCT (%)  


The following optional prefixes are supported. If you use optional prefixes, specify the measurement unit.

M (milli) K (kilo) U (micro)


  • The unit symbols in the International System of Units contain lowercase characters. The IEEE standard uses uppercase characters. SCPI commands are not case sensitive.
  • Commands are accepted whether or not measurement units are specified.
  • To enter “µ” in the data, use “U” instead.



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