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OPERation status register

The OPERation status register is a 16-bit register that contains information about the normal operating conditions of the PLZ-5W.

Bit Bit weight Bit name Description
0 1 CV CV output in progress
1 2 CC CC output in progress
2 4 CR CR output in progress
3 8 CP CP output in progress
4 16 ACQ Busy ACQuire sequence execution in progress
5 32 ACQ WTG ACQuire sequence waiting for trigger (TRIG)
6 64 TRAN Busy TRANsient sequence execution in progress
7 128 TRAN WTG TRANsient sequence waiting for trigger (TRIG)
8 256 LOAD Load is currently on
9 512 PS The sequence is paused.
10 1024 INT Integration in progress
11 2048 ACQ DAV Data to be acquired is valid (acquirable)
12 4096 NOT USED Not used
13 8192 NOT USED Not used
14 16384 NOT USED Not used
15 32768 NOT USED Always zero


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