PLZ-5W Series Electronic Load

Commnunication Interface Mannual



Basic Settings

Using the following load conditions as an example, this section explains how to write commands starting from basic configuration up to turning the load on.

Load conditions

Operation mode: CC mode
Current range: H range
Current value: 30 A
Slew rate: 3 A/μs
Switching: Switching level 10 A
Switching frequency 10 Hz
Duty cycle 50 %
Overcurrent protection (OCP): Activated at 40 A
Load is turned off when activated

Command examples

:FUNCtion CC    ’Set the operation mode to CC mode

:CURRent:RANGe HIGH    ’Set the current range to H range

:CURRent 30    ’Set the current to 30 A

:CURRent:SLEWrate 3    ’Set the slew rate to 3 A/μs

:CURRent:PULSe:LEVel 20    ’Set the switching level to 20 A

:CURRent:PULSe:FREQuency 10    ’Set the switching frequency to 10 Hz

:CURRent:PULSe:DCYCle 50    ’Set the duty cycle to 50 %

:CURRent:PROTection 40    ’Set OCP to 40 A

:CURRent:PROTection:STATe ON    ’Turn off the load when OCP is activated

:INPut ON    ’Load on

Checking the current’s minimum/maximum values

The current’s minimum/maximum setting values depend on the set current range. You can query the present minimum/maximum setting value by sending a query to which the MINimum or MAXimum parameter is added, as shown below.

:CURRent? MINimum

:CURRent? MAXimum



Overview of Command

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