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Error Checking

Error/event queue

The SCPI specifications define a standard error reporting scheme, Error/Event Queue. This is a FIFO (First In First Out) queue, which records errors and events. The maximum number of errors/events that the PLZ-5W can record is 16. Each error/event can be read with the SYSTem:ERRor query.

The response to this query contains a numeric part (error/event number) and a textual description, such as:

-222,"Data out of range"

The error/event queue becomes empty when the *CLS common command is sent, when the last item in the queue is read, and when the PLZ-5W is turned on. When the error/event queue is empty, the query returns the following:

+0,"No error"

Displaying communication errors

When an SCPI error occurs, the error is shown on the display when SYSTEM and then Error are pressed on the front panel.
This is convenient for debugging remote control.

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