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Waiting for Operation Complete

When the *OPC command is transmitted, the PLZ-5W sets the OPC bit (bit 0) of the event status register to TRUE (1) when the processing of all commands in standby has been completed. This information can be determined by checking the OPC bit (bit 0) of the *ESR? query.

Example: Starting a new measurement and transmitting the *OPC command

When the Event Status Enable Register is set to 1 and the Service Request Enable Register is set to 32, an SRQ (Service Request) is generated upon measurement completion. The SRQ function cannot be used if you are using the RS232 and SCPI-ROW interfaces.


<A service request is generated upon completion of measurement>

When the *OPC? request is used instead of the *OPC command, the PLZ-5W sets response data “1” (in NR1 format) in the output queue upon completion of measurement if there are no other operations waiting to be completed.


<Read response upon measurement completion>

When IEEE488 sdc/dcl, *RST, or *RCL is transmitted when the power is turned on, the PLZ-5W sets the OPC bit (bit 0) to TRUE (1), and the response data in the output queue to “1” (in NR1 format).


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