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Overview of Trigger Function

The PLZ-5W allows you to control the start timing of measurement and sequences using triggers. In the trigger wait state, a measurement or a sequence can be started when an event selected beforehand (trigger source) matches an event either inside or outside the PLZ-5W (trigger).

Trigger systems

There are two trigger systems.

TRANsient A sequence or step starts using trigger detection as the starting point.
ACQuire Measurement starts using trigger detection as the starting point.

Trigger source

The following trigger sources are supported.

IMMediate Execution starts at the internal timing of the PLZ-5W without waiting for trigger application.
The delay until the start of execution is reduced to a minimum.
BUS Execution starts at the software trigger (*TRG) application timing. Software triggers are applied to both the TRANsient and ACQuire trigger systems.
DIGITAL2 Execution starts at the timing at which a signal is input to pin 13 of the EXT CONT connector. (when SYST:CONF:DIGITAL2:DIR is set to INPut)
(ACQuire only)
If PROG:STEP<n>:TRIG:GEN is set to TALink, measured values are recorded during the step execution of the sequence.
MSYNc Measurement or sequence starts when a signal is received from external equipment synchronized to the PLZ-5W or when a TRIG:ACQ:MSYN or TRIG:TRAN:MSYN synchronization command packet is received from a PC or the like.
The next step is executed when a signal is input to pin 9 of the EXT CONT connector.

Trigger processing procedure

The general trigger processing procedure is illustrated in the following figures. You can set the sequence trigger source with TRIG:TRAN:SOUR. You can set the measurement trigger source with TRIG:ACQ:SOUR.

<img src="img/TRG_FLOW.png" width="600" height="800">

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