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Sets the entire I-V characteristics map in binary block data format.

The data of the entire I-V characteristics map is set at one time, so you do not need to perform initialization with ARB:CLE and set the number of points with ARB:COUN in advance. The ARB:COUN value is changed by the block data setting.

To reflect the setting content in the output, send ARB:APPL.


[SOURce:]ARBitrary[:LEVel][:IMMediate]:DATA #<length-width><length><data>


Parameter <length-width>

Number of digits of <length>

Parameter <length>

Byte length of <data>

Parameter <data>

Voltage and current data is expressed in a binary 4 byte integer.
A value is expressed with four bytes (eight digits). For each point, a pair of voltage and current is indicated.
Each value is in little-endian format, and the unit is written using µV and µA.
The first voltage and current are fixed to “0V, 0A,” and the last voltage is fixed to “157.5V.” If you specify any other values, an error is returned.


If you were to set the combination of “0V, 0A,” “1V, 0.1A,” and “157.5V, 0.1A,” the byte length of <data> would be 24. Send the following command in binary. During a binary transfer, we do not recommend concatenating other commands. Terminate with LF.

ARB:DATA 23343030323440420F00A086010080841E00E0930400C0C62D0000350C000A

How to create parameters is explained below.

<img src="img/arb_data.png" width="600" height="390">


Returns the I-V characteristics map settings in binary block data format (#<length-width><length><data>) in response to ARB:DATA?.


In the case of the combination “0V, 0A,” “1V, 0.1A,” and “157.5V, 0.1A,” the following response is returned.


The “233430303234” in the beginning, when converted into hexadecimal ASCII character code every two digits, becomes “#40024.” This indicates that <length-width> is 4, and <length> is 0024.

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