PLZ-5W Series Electronic Load

Commnunication Interface Mannual



Queries the measurement value registered in the data logger from oldest to youngest.
The queried data is deleted from the data logger records.


DATA:R? [<numeric>]


Value Specifies the number of data points to be queried in NRf format (1 or more). By default, all the data is queried.


Returns the measured values registered in the data logger in comma-separated NR3 format in response to the DATA:R? query.

The type of measured values and the order depends on the DATA:FORM setting.

The maximum number of data points that can be queried at one time varies as follows depending on the number of items specified by DATA:FORM.

Number of items specified by DATA:FORM Maximum number of points that can be queried
6 512
5 640
4 768
3 1024
2 1872
1 3072


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