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Commnunication Interface Mannual



Creates a new program of the specified name.
The program is created on a file on the file system. Because the location where the program is created depends on the present operation mode, even if a program of the same name is created for example in CC mode and CP mode, the resulting programs will be treated as different programs.

Programs cannot be created when a program is being selected. If this happens, enter PROG "" to clear the program selection.


[SOURce:]PROGram:CREate "/<program name>"

Parameter <program name>

Value Program name Up to 255 alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9), other symbols (.,()[]{}&$#^%=-+_), and spaces can be set. Distinction is made between uppercase and lowercase.
Enter a slash at the beginning of the program name.


PROG:CRE "/My test program"


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Communication Interface Manual