PLZ-5W Series Electronic Load

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System Settings

SYST:BEEP Collectively sets the beep sounds on/off
SYST:BEEP:KEY Sets whether a beep sound is generated in case of invalid operation
SYST:BEEP:PROT Sets whether a beep sound is generated when a protection is activated
SYST:BEEP:SCPI Sets whether a beep sound is generated in case of SCPI error
SYST:COMM:RLST Sets the PLZ-5W to remote mode or local mode
SYST:CONF:DIGITAL2:DIR Sets I/O direction of DIGITAL2 signal
SYST:CONF:MSYN:IND? Queries whether mutual synchronization connection is enabled or disabled
SYST:CONF:RSEN Sets remote sensing function on/off
SYST:DATE Sets the date
SYST:ERR? Reads error information
SYST:ERR:COUN? Queries the number of unread errors
SYST:KLOC Panel control lock
SYST:KLOC:LEV Sets the lock level of panel operation
SYST:PASS Makes protected command executable
SYST:PASS:CDIS Makes protected command non-executable
SYST:PASS:STAT? Checks whether a protected command is executable
SYST:SEC:IMM Deletes the user data according to the NISPOM requirements and restores the factory default settings
SYST:SSAV Sets screen saver on/off
SYST:SSAV:DEL Sets the time until the screen saver starts
SYST:TIME Sets the time
SYST:TIME:ADJ Automatically adjusts the system clock
SYST:TZON Sets the time zone of the system clock
SYST:TZON:CAT? Queries all the time zone IDs that can be used
SYST:VERS? Queries the SCPI specification version that the PLZ-5W complies with


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