PLZ-5W Series Electronic Load

Commnunication Interface Mannual


Commands (Function/Subsystem)

IEEE 488.2 common commands

*CLS Clears all the event registers
*ESE Sets the event status enable register bits
*ESR? Queries the event status register
*IDN? Queries the manufacturer information
*OPC Generates an operation completion message in the event status register when the commands that are in standby have been processed
*OPT? Queries the optional interfaces that are installed in the PLZ-5W
*PSC Sets whether to initialize *ESE and *SRE when the POWER switch is turned on
*RCL Recalls panel settings from the specified memory number
*RST Resets the PLZ-5W
*SAV Saves the present settings to memory
*SRE Sets the service request enable register bits
*STB? Reads the status byte and master summary status bits
*TRG Trigger command
*TST? Executes a self test
*WAI Prevents execution of subsequent commands or queries until all operations that are in standby have completed



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