PLZ-5W Series Electronic Load

Commnunication Interface Mannual


Command (Sub-system search)

DISPlay subsystem

DISP:ETIM Sets whether to display the elapsed time on the display
DISP:CAP Sets whether to display the current capacity on the display.
DISP:ENER Sets whether to display the power capacity on the display.


HCOPy subsystem

HCOP:SDUM:DATA? Retrieves the display screen capture


MEMory subsystem

MEM:REC Recalls preset memory
MEM:SAVE Saves to preset memory


SENSE subsystem

SENS:APER Sets the measurement time



Overview of Command

Command (function search)

Command (ABC search)

Command (Sub-system search)




Electronic Load  PLZ-5W seriesElectronic Load PLZ-5W series
Communication Interface Manual