PLZ-5W Series Electronic Load

Commnunication Interface Mannual


Command (Sub-system search)

STATus subsystem

STAT:OPER? OPERation status register: event
STAT:OPER:COND? OPERation status register: register condition
STAT:OPER:ENAB OPERation status register: enable
STAT:OPER:PTR OPERation status register: positive transition
STAT:OPER:NTR OPERation status register: negative transition
STAT:QUES? QUEStionable status register: event
STAT:QUES:COND? QUEStionable status register: register condition
STAT:QUES:ENAB QUEStionable status register: enable
STAT:QUES:PTR QUEStionable status register: positive transition
STAT:QUES:NTR QUEStionable status register: negative transition
STAT:PRES Resets the status register



Overview of Command

Command (function search)

Command (ABC search)

Command (Sub-system search)




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