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TRIGger subsystem

ABOR Stops all the trigger functions
ABOR:ACQ Stops the measurement trigger function
ABOR:TRAN Stops the sequence trigger function
ABOR:PULS Stops the switching function (PULSe)
INIT:ACQ Switches to measurement trigger wait state
INIT:TRAN:PROG Switches to the sequence trigger wait state in the program selected by PROG
INIT:PULS Executes the switching function (PULSe)
TRIG:ACQ:COUN Sets the number of times measurement values are to be recorded
TRIG:ACQ:DEL Sets the delay time for applying measurement triggers
TRIG:ACQ:MSYN Starts measurement simultaneously on synchronized PLZ-5Ws
TRIG:ACQ:SOUR Sets the measurement trigger source
TRIG:ACQ:INT:STAT Sets whether to measure at intervals when TRIG:ACQ:COUN is 2 or higher
TRIG:ACQ:INT:TIME Sets the measurement interval time when TRIG:ACQ:INT:STAT is set to ON
TRIG:TRAN:DEL Sets the delay time for applying sequence triggers
TRIG:TRAN:EXEC? Queries the execution state of the sequence trigger function and the switching function
TRIG:TRAN:MSYN Starts a sequence simultaneously on synchronized PLZ-5Ws
TRIG:TRAN:RES Resumes a sequence that has been paused
TRIG:TRAN:SOUR Sets the sequence start trigger source
TRIG:TRAN:SUSP Pauses a sequence that is being executed


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