The PMX Series Communication Interface Manual explains the settings and the commands that are used to control the PMX remotely through one of the following interfaces.

RS232C interface

USB interface

LAN interface

When the PMX is operating under remote control, the REMOTE LED lights on the display of the front panel. To switch the operating mode from remote to local (panel operation), press LOCAL key.

How to read this manual

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Operating environment: Windows XP or later

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For the setting range of parameters, refer to the specifications on the PMX User's Manual.

Related manuals

For the safety precautions, installation and operation procedure, and specifications of the PMX, please refer to the PMX User's Manual.

Intended readers

This manual is written for readers with sufficient basic knowledge of how to control instruments using a personal computer.

Structure of the manual

This manual consists of the following sections.

• Overview
• Setup
• Overview of messages
• Command (list*1)
• Appendix
• Tutorial

*1. The command list is provided in a PDF file. Adobe Reader 6.0 or later is required to view the file.


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Firmware version of the product to which this manual applies

This manual applies to products with IFC firmware version 1.5x.

Instrument Interface Standards

The PMX conforms to the following standards.

•IEEE Std 488.2-1992 IEEE Standard Codes, Formats, Protocols, and Common Commands For Use With IEEE Std 488.1-1987

•Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) version 1999.0

•Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev 2.0

•Universal Serial Bus Test and Measurement Class Specification (USBTMC) Rev 1.0

•Universal Serial Bus Test and Measurement Class, Subclass USB488 Specification (USBTMC-USB488) Rev 1.0

•TCP/IP Instrument Protcol Specification VXI-11

•TCP/IP-IEEE488.1 Interface Specification VXI-11.2

•TCP/IP-IEEE488.2 Interface Specification VXI-11.3

•LXI 1.4 Core Device Specification 2011

•IVI-6.1 IVI High-Speed LAN Instrument Protocol (HiSLIP) Rev 1.0

•VPP-4.3 The VISA Library 2010 Rev 5.0

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