Interface Setup


A device driver supporting USB T&M Class (USBTMC) is required to control the PMX through the USB interface. The USBTMC driver is automatically installed by the VISA library.

USB connection

Use a standard USB cable to connect the PMX to the computer.

USB configuration

1.   Select USB in the CONFIG settings (CF20: uSb).

2.    Restart the PMX.

Service request

The PMX is equipped with service request and serial polling functions.

USB function

Complies with USB Specification 2.0

Complies with USBTMC Specification 1.0 and USBTMC-USB488 Specification 1.0

Data rate: 12 Mbps maximum (full speed)

VID (Vender ID)


PID (Product ID)

PMX: 0x1029

You can confirm both IDs by referring to CF50 (for VID) and CF51 (for PID) of the CONFIG settings.